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Benefits of selling on ArtDealer
No start-up fees
There are no hidden administration or listing fees
Friendly and helpful
You have access to a dedicated and friendly support team (and a comprehensive knowledge base)
Get found
ArtDealer is optimised for search and regularly ranks highly for key search terms
Be part of our growing community of artists and designers
Fully stocked
List as many items as you like

Submit items
Below is a list of the information we require in order to accept items for listing on ArtDealer.
Please send us the information, or any questions you may have, to the following email address:

  1. Through which plan do you want to sell your artworks, ArtDealer-Artist or ArtDealer-Shop.
  2. Your contact information (full name, phone number and email address).
  3. Full description of the items (dimensions, technique, signature, estimate, year created, condition and any other information you may think is relevant).
  4. Artistic biography (exhibitions, catalogues and any other information you may think is relevant).
  5. Digital photos of the items (try sending us high quality photos of the items).

Questions & Answers
What is ArtDealer?
ArtDealer was created with the aim of helping artists, collectors and designers showcase and sell their art works. We have two plans for you to choose from, ArtDealer-Artist where we provide a one stop shop for artists, collectors and designers working with us and ArtDealer-Shop in which case we act only as a showcase for the artist's work.
How do I get paid?
If you open an ArtDealer-Shop with us then you are responsible for collecting payment and shipping your items, ArtDealer acts only as a showcase for your work. If you choose to work with us as an ArtDealer-Artist, then we will collect payment for you and you will be paid at the End of Month (EOM) plus 30 days from receipt of payment if no refund has occurred.
What is ArtDealer-Shop?
You can choose to open a shop which leaves you in full control of your selling process. There are two options for ArtDealer-Shops:

1. You pay NO listing fees or commissions when opening a shop. ArtDealer works only as a showcase for your artwork and does not provide any other services. You will pay our commission (10%) only after your item is sold.

2. You pay a listing fee each three months (a monthly payment of 0.5% of an item price) when opening a shop. ArtDealer works only as a showcase for your artwork and does not provide any other services. You will not pay any commission after your item is sold.
What is ArtDealer-Artist?
You can choose to work with us exclusively as your representative per each artwork. We provide a full service of collecting payment from the buyer and packaging, shipping & handling for you. We charge a selling commission for each item. Each item listed on ArtDealer through this plan has a six month exclusivity period at which time it cannot be listed at other places such as galleries or auctions.
How much does it cost to sell on ArtDealer?
If you choose to work with us through the ArtDealer-Artist plan then there is a commission on each item sold, you can find more details on our commissions page. If you choose to open an ArtDealer-Shop then selling on ArtDealer is free of charge. For more information contact us.
How will I know if I've sold something?
You will be e-mailed automatically by ArtDealer to confirm an order has been placed.
What can I sell on ArtDealer?
We accept art items (paintings, sculptures, drawings etc.), handmade items (created by you), vintage goods (items that are at least 20 years old) and various collectables (stamps, coins, rare and first edition books, furniture etc.).
Who can sell on ArtDealer?
In order to keep our community a professional one, we do not accept all of the artists or items submitted to us. You must be a unique artist with high-end products and a history of sold items.
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